Accessibility & disability

Accessibility & disability

Our training center is committed to implementing an accessibility policy to ensure that disabled learners are welcome.

Here are the commitments of our training center to compensate learners with disabilities:

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Your disability advisor

DEA in Education Sciences, EducationEducation Inspector of Education, Chevalier in the Order of Academic Palms, 40 years’ experience in teaching, training, coordinating and evaluating teaching staff.

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HECTEN and Disability Inclusion

If you are considering joining HECTEN for :

Or if you’re interested in working with HECTEN to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Accessibility at HECTEN

In line with our values and commitments, HECTEN is continually working to improve the accessibility of its facilities, curricula, tests and examinations, events and accommodation.

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Accessibility of the website

General and Accessibility sections

The general sections are designed for all visitors to the site, whatever their disability. They contain general information such as news, practical information and study programs, and are in principle accessible to all.

Some content may present accessibility challenges, such as interactive Flash programs or online catalogs requiring a specific application.

Navigation with the Tab key, or “Tab”.

The site is fully navigable without the use of a mouse. Navigation is via the tab key, or “Tab”, on the left of your keyboard. This allows you to move from one link to another on the page, in top-to-bottom and left-to-right order. The “Enter” key activates the selected link, while the “Up” and “Down” arrows allow you to navigate vertically down the page.

Text size

To adjust the text size, you can use the built-in functions of the browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Ctrl + Mouse wheel or View menu > Text size
  • Firefox/Mozilla: Ctrl + + or -.
  • Safari/Camino: Command (Apple) + + or –

Logo at the top of the page

The HECTEN logo at the top of the page takes you back to the site’s home page.

Multimedia content

Documents are available in PDF format. To view them, you’ll need the Acrobat Reader module, which you can download free of charge from the Adobe website.