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Certifications included *

* presentation fees paid by HECTEN for CCNA and TOEIC certifications

This program is developed in partnership with professionals, including Sébastien Jardin, Cybersecurity Specialist at IBM.

The Bachelor’s degree can be taken at two different speeds:

  • one week of classes followed by two weeks on the job
  • or totally remote, with online sessions one evening a week and on Saturdays. 

Our training courses are accredited by the French government and listed in the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles, which attests to their quality. The Hecten school is also Qualiopi-certified, ensuring a high standard of teaching. Our trainers are state-certified or come from the professional world with extensive experience, guaranteeing a comprehensive learning experience combining theory and practice. By choosing our programs, learners benefit from recognized training supervised by qualified experts.

Our Bachelor’s degree in IT Security and Cybersecurity offers high-quality training recognized by the French government and registered in the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles. This accreditation attests to the rigor of our program and its alignment with national educational standards, guaranteeing solid, relevant training in the constantly evolving field of IT security.

Hecten is also proudly Qualiopi certified, testifying to our commitment to educational excellence and student satisfaction. This demanding certification stimulates our continuous quest for improvement and quality, ensuring a first-rate education.

What sets our Bachelor’s degree apart is the exceptional competence of our trainers. Our teaching teams bring together experts from two complementary worlds: national education and the professional cybersecurity sector. Teachers from the French national education system contribute their proven pedagogical expertise, ensuring effective transmission of knowledge.

What’s more, our trainers from the professional world enrich our programs with their current practical experience. Their knowledge of the field provides concrete examples, real-life case studies and a contemporary perspective on industry trends and challenges. This unique synergy of skills provides our students with a solid theoretical foundation and a practical understanding of the professional environment.

When you choose our Bachelor’s degree in IT Security and Cybersecurity, you’re opting for a complete educational pathway, supported by the French state, validated by professional certifications and qualified by Qualiopi. What’s more, you’ll benefit from the wide-ranging expertise of our trainers, who will help you develop the skills you need to excel in this crucial area of data and IT system protection.

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The income of a graduate in IT Security and Cybersecurity depends on various factors, such as experience, training and employer. On average, a recent graduate in IT Security and Cybersecurity can expect a starting salary of between €30,000 and €35,000 gross per year.

As you gain experience and develop your skills, you’ll have the opportunity to move into more specialized, better-paid positions. For example, an experienced cybersecurity analyst can earn up to €45,000 gross per year, an experienced systems security engineer can earn up to €50,000 gross per year, and a highly qualified IT security consultant can earn up to €55,000 gross per year.

The Bachelor’s degree in Computer Security and Cybersecurity opens up a wide range of professional prospects in the constantly evolving field of protecting systems and data against digital threats. With a passion for IT security and ambitious goals, it’s entirely possible to progress to higher levels of remuneration and climb the professional ladder.

If you’re fascinated by the world of cybersecurity and aspire to contribute to the protection of computer systems, the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Security and Cybersecurity is a wise choice for starting a promising career, both intellectually and financially.

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Two modalities!

  • face-to-face, our courses are given on our premises, but some can also be taken remotely via the Google Meet platform. The sessions are recorded and available to students who cannot attend live.
  • distance learning one evening a week and on Saturdays

The prerequisites for enrolment in the Bachelor’s program are :

  • Bac+2 or equivalent in the IT field
  • Good command of English
  • Motivation and curiosity about computers

The course can be followed in two different ways.

  • Apprentices alternate between one week of classes at the training center and two weeks of internships at the company.
  • In conjunction with a company, it is possible to take the course online one evening a week and on Saturdays. Exams are held face-to-face.

The cost of training varies according to the pace of the course.

  • Under the work-study program, tuition fees are paid by the host company.

The professional integration rate for graduates of a Bachelor’s degree in IT and Cybersecurity is extremely high. The skills acquired during this Bachelor’s degree are highly sought-after by companies, particularly in the technology, finance and data protection sectors.

According to a survey conducted by a specialist recruitment agency, the professional integration rate for graduates of a Bachelor’s degree in IT and Cybersecurity is 92%. This shows that 92% of graduates from this program are able to land a job within six months of graduation. This high level of employability reflects the growing demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals to counter digital threats and protect IT systems.

There are many advantages to studying for a Bachelor’s degree at a private school without a contract:

  • Quality teaching by experienced trainers
  • Personalized support for students
  • A network of partner companies
  • Career opportunities on graduation

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