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All our courses lead to a diploma and carry an RNCP number. Qualiopi certification guarantees the quality of our training courses.

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All courses lead to a degree

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Premises in the heart of Paris

HECTEN offers its students a strategic advantage thanks to its privileged location in the heart of Paris, in the 5th arrondissement. Located close to several metro and RER lines, the school guarantees outstanding accessibility, making it easy for students to get around and fully explore the capital’s resources. What’s more, being close to dynamic areas such as the Quartier Latin and Rue Mouffetard, known for their lively student life and numerous cultural and professional opportunities, HECTEN offers an ideal setting for networking and immersion in the IT industry. This location in a vibrant neighborhood rich in history creates a stimulating environment, perfectly aligned with the needs and aspirations of IT and business students.



When you choose to study for a BTS or Bachelor’s degree at , the HECTEN private school with Qualiopi certification, you’re opting for excellent teaching by seasoned trainers who are experts in their field and have many years of professional experience.

The individualized support offered throughout the course ensures optimum progress and success. Enriched by a vast network of partner companies, the school opens concrete doors to internships, apprenticeships and an extensive professional network.

This hands-on approach is the ideal way to prepare for the challenges of the job market, while the freedom to teach guarantees a stimulating, personalized experience, including meetups and lectures by renowned experts. The Qualiopi-certified environment combines expertise, experience and flexibility, providing excellent preparation for the changing professional world.

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An exceptional location

The proximity of the Jardin des Plantes, just a few minutes’ walk from École HECTEN, gives students privileged access to a haven of peace and culture right in the heart of Paris. They can immerse themselves in nature, exploring exotic greenhouses and natural history galleries, taking part in educational projects and special events linked to biodiversity and the environment. This proximity to the Jardin des Plantes enriches their appreciation of science and nature, stimulating their creativity and ecological awareness. What’s more, the school is also close to historic monuments such as the Paris Mosque and the Lutetia Arena, offering students unique opportunities to discover Paris’ cultural and historical heritage. These emblematic sites become sources of inspiration, fostering students’ personal and cultural development. This unique situation creates an enriching and stimulating educational experience, immersed in Parisian history and culture.

The school

Our school takes a modern approach to teaching, using innovative tools such as Google Education and Google Classroom, to provide an interactive and collaborative learning experience for our students. Thanks to our partnership with Salesforce Education, we also offer unique opportunities to explore the latest technologies and solutions in the workplace.

At HECTEN , learning is not limited to the classroom. Our constant quest for the best tools and partnerships enables us to offer a dynamic education in tune with real-world challenges. By embracing technology and innovation, we prepare our students to meet the challenges of today’s marketplace. Explore our site to discover how HECTEN can be your springboard to a promising professional future.

Our strengths


Experienced teachers

preparing for exams


Professional speakers

who talk about interesting topics


Professional skills

implemented in the management of concrete, operational projects


to the diploma

awarded by the French government and recognized by all industry professionals

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Frequently asked questions

Register now and be among the first to receive your place! Places are limited, so don’t delay. Requests are considered from December onwards.

Opting for a BTS, Bachelor’s or M2 course at a Qualiopi-certified private school has many advantages, including :

  1. Excellent teaching by seasoned trainers, all certified or professional, with many years’ experience in their respective fields.
  2. Individualized support for students, helping them to progress and succeed through personalized follow-up throughout their career.
  3. Our extensive network of corporate partners offers students concrete opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and professional networking.
  4. Optimal career prospects at the end of the course, thanks to a practical, hands-on approach that prepares students for the demands of the job market.
  5. Pedagogical freedom to adapt course timetables and set up stimulating initiatives such as meetups and conferences led by renowned experts.

In a Qualiopi-certified educational environment, you’ll benefit from training that combines pedagogical expertise, the professional experience of our trainers and flexibility in course organization. This unique combination guarantees solid, versatile preparation for success in today’s dynamic and competitive professional world.

Two modalities!

  • face-to-face, our courses are given on our premises, but some can also be taken remotely via the Google Meet platform. The sessions are recorded and available to students who cannot attend live.
  • For Bachelors and M2 courses, there are several options for distance learning.

The prerequisites for registration are :

  • For M2 students, a bac+3 or equivalent in the IT field
  • For Bachelors and BTS, a general, technological or vocational baccalaureate
  • Good command of English
  • Motivation and curiosity about computers

The course can be followed in two different ways.

  • Apprentices alternate between classes at the training center and on-the-job training.
  • In conjunction with a company, it is possible to follow the bachelor’s and M2 programs on a distance learning basis, in a variety of ways.

The cost of training varies according to the pace of the course.

  • For continuing education and initial training, please refer to your course description.
  • Under the work-study program, tuition fees are paid by the host company.