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Innovative Educational Approach

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School Director

DEA in Education Sciences, EducationEducation Inspector of Education, Chevalier in the Order of Academic Palms, 40 years’ experience in teaching, training, coordinating and evaluating teaching staff.



Assistant Manager

MIAGE Dauphine, Master MEEF Université Paris XII, IBM Champion, Professeur certifié, Co-author of textbooks, 18 years teaching experience in computer science.

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Marketing Strategy Expert

A graduate of Kedge & Neoma Business School, Julie has over 8 years’ experience in marketing & business development in various countries. Passionate about entrepreneurship, she assists her clients with their marketing strategies and action plans.


Omar Ben Abderahmen

Head of Partnerships and Corporate Relations

Graduate of Siences Po Paris, Director of Partnerships for the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Laure Frebourg


Associate Professor

MIAGE Dauphine, DEA 103 MSG Dauphine-Polytechnique-Mines de Paris, co-author of textbooks, 21 years’ experience teaching computer science.

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Laurence MADELIN

Head of Academic Partnerships

Graduate of SCIENCES PO Paris, NEOMA Reims, ICADE Madrid and ESC Coaching,

15 years’ experience in higher education, recruitment, communications and training

Expert in guidance and support for high school and university students

Abdelmoula Nejib

Abdelmoula NÉJIB

Assistant Manager at CY Tech

Doctor of Dramatic Arts, Sorbonne, 23 years experience in training engineering.

Zoubeida Dhouib

Zoubeïda DHOUIB

National education teacher

IT engineer, EISTI School, 10 years’ professional experience in IT, then 11 years’ teaching experience in IT.



National education teacher

Graduate of the Strasbourg Institute of Political Studies, Master’s degree in European politics from IEE Brussels, Master’s degree in ethics and sustainable development from Univ Lyon III, 10 years’ professional experience in the field of CSR, followed by 13 years’ teaching experience.

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Frédéric LE MEUR

National education teacher

IEI Nantes graduate

Developer for Debian Edu

20 years of teaching experience

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Independent trainer Law and Economics

Doctorate in Law and Economics from the University of Paris Nanterre,

25 years of experience

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Territory Sales Manager

Graduate of the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale, MIAGE Dauphine,

Over 20 years’ experience in IT

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Véronique DUPLOYER

Business Analyst

DEA 103 MSG Dauphine, MIAGE Dauphine, 20 years’ experience

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Maxime TAIEB

Founder and CEO, Trailblazers

Master’s degree in Business Informatics, Université Paris Dauphine,

Founder and CEO of Trailblazers, an innovative company with over 20 years’ experience in omnichannel sales.

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Elastic Ambassador

Graduate of the Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Brest, 30 years’ experience in IT

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Sacha Clerc-Renaud

Engineer in charge of the banking sector

With over 10 years’ experience as a NodeJS backend developer, Sacha has worked in various fields ranging from banking to connected sports.

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Jean-Louis PIERREL

Expert in Education and the Economy

Graduate of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, former head of Relations Grandes Ecoles et Universités at IBM France, decades of experience!

Director CFA SACEF, Groupe CESI, R2E, Lorraine INP, Telecom Nancy
Agent Fédération SYNTEC CPCi Services aux entreprises, Jury des Campus Métiers et Qualifications