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Cisco et HECTEN Business School

Press release

January 8, 2024

Cisco and HECTEN Business School: a partnership of excellence to train 200 students in France in cybersecurity!

Cisco and HECTEN Business School are delighted to announce a new partnership of excellence to help our young people succeed, in order to meet the growing need for cybersecurity training and qualified personnel to better understand the challenges of the digital world.

Cisco, an internationally recognized player in digital innovation, and HECTEN Business School, a new École supérieure d’informatique that will welcome its first class at the start of the 2024 academic year in Paris, with Full Stack and Cybersecurity programs in particular, are thus embarking on a collaboration that will focus on 5 areas:

  • The integration of Cisco’s expertise into HECTEN Business School’s training courses, notably through the Cisco Networking Academy;
  • Promotion of the “Skills for all” platform to HECTEN Business School students;
  • Close cooperation on the development of training courses at HECTEN Business School, in line with the changing needs of cybersecurity players;
  • Supporting companies in cybersecurity with the help of Cisco ;
  • A course dedicated to people undergoing professional retraining.

This ambitious partnership testifies to our joint determination to invest in the field of education in order to better train our students in the challenges of cybersecurity, enabling them to make a lasting impact in the French and international professional world.

For Christophe Dolinsek, Director of the Cisco Networking Academy, “This partnership demonstrates Cisco France’s commitment to education and vocational training. By teaming up with higher education players such as HECTEN Business School, we hope to be able to put our expertise at the service of innovative training programs, adapted to the realities of the field”.

Luc Frébourg, Deputy Director of HECTEN Business School, said: “The fact that Cisco, an internationally recognized digital player, has chosen HECTEN as its preferred partner is a real honor. This partnership demonstrates the credibility and seriousness of the training courses that will be offered to our students, in the service of their success”.

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