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TP - DevOps System Administrator

Certifications included *

* presentation fees paid by HECTEN for AWS Cloud Practitioner and TOEIC certifications

The Bachelor DevOps can be taken in two ways:

  • Alternating between one week of training and two weeks on the job, enabling professional immersion.
  • Fully distance learning, with online courses every week in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Our courses are recognized by theFrench government and registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP), a guarantee of their excellence. The Hecten school holds Qualiopi certification, guaranteeing superior teaching quality. Our trainers are government-accredited or come from the professional sector, offering a learning experience rich in theory and practice. By joining our programs, students are assured of a first-rate education, guided by seasoned specialists.

Our Bachelor’s degree in DevOps is validated by the RNCP, confirming the rigor and alignment of our educational offering with national standards. This recognition underlines the strength and relevance of our training in the dynamic DevOps sector.

Hecten is proud of its Qualiopi label, proof of our commitment to academic excellence and student satisfaction. This distinction reflects our constant drive to improve and maintain the highest educational standards.

What sets our Bachelor DevOps program apart is the remarkable expertise of our teaching staff. Our teaching teams combine teaching professionals and DevOps experts, creating the perfect balance between theory and practice. Trainers with educational backgrounds contribute their pedagogical know-how, guaranteeing effective assimilation of knowledge.

Our professional speakers, active in the DevOps field, enrich the program with their experience in the field. They offer practical case studies, real-life situations and an overview of current developments and issues in the sector. This unique blend of expertise ensures that students have a thorough and up-to-date understanding of the professional environment.

By opting for our DevOps Bachelor’s degree, you are choosing an educational path validated by the French authorities, recognized by professional certifications and qualified by Qualiopi. You’ll also benefit from the diversity and richness of our trainers, who will prepare you with the key skills needed to succeed in the strategic field of DevOps, essential for optimizing the development and operation processes of IT systems.

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The salary of a DevOps graduate varies according to experience, skill level and company. Initially, a beginner in DevOps can expect a gross annual salary of €32,000 to €37,000.

As experience accumulates and technical skills broaden, career opportunities expand towards more advanced and better-paid roles. For example, a DevOps engineer with a few years’ experience can earn up to €48,000 gross per year, while an experienced DevOps architect can see his salary rise to €55,000 gross per year. A DevOps manager, with in-depth expertise and managerial responsibilities, can achieve salaries of up to €65,000 gross per year.

The Bachelor in DevOps prepares you for a diverse and fast-growing career focused on improving software development and operation processes. This constantly evolving field requires a passion for technological innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement. Graduates with a strategic vision and ambitious career goals can expect significant salary progression and opportunities to move up within organizations.

If you’re passionate about the world of DevOps and ready to take on the challenges of optimizing workflows between developers and operations, the Bachelor’s degree in DevOps represents a solid path to starting a rewarding career, both professionally and financially.

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Two modalities!

  • face-to-face, our courses are given on our premises, but some can also be taken remotely via the Google Meet platform. The sessions are recorded and available to students who cannot attend live.
  • distance learning one evening a week and on Saturdays

The prerequisites for enrolment in the Bachelor’s program are :

  • Bac+2 or equivalent in the IT field
  • Good command of English
  • Motivation and curiosity about computers

The course can be followed in two different ways.

  • Apprentices alternate between one week of classes at the training center and two weeks of internships at the company.
  • In conjunction with a company, it is possible to take the course online one evening a week and on Saturdays. Exams are held face-to-face.

The cost of training varies according to the pace of the course.

  • Under the work-study program, tuition fees are paid by the host company.

The employment rate for graduates of the Bachelor’s degree in DevOps is exceptionally high, illustrating the high demand for these skills in the industry. The knowledge and expertise developed during this program are particularly valued in the fields of technology, software development and IT operations management.

According to the results of a study conducted by an organization specializing in job placement, the professional integration rate for graduates of a Bachelor’s degree in DevOps is 90%. This means that 90% of graduates find a relevant job within six months of completing their studies. This excellent integration into the job market testifies to companies’ growing interest in profiles capable of merging development and operations practices to accelerate the delivery of software solutions and improve system reliability and performance.

There are many advantages to studying for a Bachelor’s degree at a private school without a contract:

  • Quality teaching by experienced trainers
  • Personalized support for students
  • A network of partner companies
  • Career opportunities on graduation

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