HECTEN Business School offers a variety of training paths, tailored to the needs of each individual. Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship, initial training or continuing education experience, our school offers a variety of options to support your professional development. It’s also important to note that our apprenticeship training can be taken face-to-face or remotely, giving you the flexibility you need to reconcile your studies with your professional or personal life.

Ranking of the best computer science schools

More than ever, IT is one of the most attractive sectors on the job market. Thanks to the progress of digitization and the emergence of cutting-edge technologies, IT continues to amaze with its dynamism.

What is web development?

Do you want to study tech? Interested in promising careers? The web development profession may be just what you’re looking for! But what exactly does this notion encompass?

Why go into cyber security?

The cybersecurity professions, as diverse as they are, all converge towards a common goal: protecting the data of companies, local authorities and government agencies against cyber-attacks.

Cisco and HECTEN partnership

Cisco and HECTEN: a partnership of excellence to train 200 students in France in cybersecurity!